OUT OF THE SHARKZONE – September 17,2019

Sourced: T. Gouw

Dodgers win 7th straight National League West title

The Los Angeles Dodgers became the first major league team to secure their spot in the playoffs after winning the NL West title on Sept. 10. The Dodgers have lead the NL West standings since April, according to ESPN, but a 7-3 win against the Baltimore Orioles gave them the considerably inevitable title. The team has never been able to clinch the title so early in the season.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang: “Football fans vote too”

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang spoke up about the (Thursday) Sept. 12 debate scheduled in Houston, arguing that Thursday nights are for football, according to Fox News. Yang took to Twitter to question “Why would you have a Democratic debate at the same time as an NFL game? Football fans vote too.” The tweet had just around 7,000 retweets and 70,000 likes on the day of the debate. Christian Yelich fractures kneecap Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Christian Yelich suffered from a fractured kneecap in a game against the Miami Marlins on Sept. 10. Yelich fouled a pitch off of his kneecap in the top of the first inning, and left the game, according to ESPN. The Brewers announced the diagnosis immediately after winning the game 4-3. Yelich is expected to be out for the rest of the season, but won’t require surgery, according to Sports Illustrated.

California’s clash with the NCAA

California lawmakers have sent a bill that would allow state collegiate athletes to hire agents and get endorsement deals, according to NBC. The bill would stop the NCAA and universities for punishing students who participate in said exchanges. However, it also creates a clash with the NCAA, with their Board of Governors stating the bill would stop California colleges from participating in NCAA competitions. The bill will move onto Gov. Gavin Newsom for further action.

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