Athlete of the Week: Nicole Staley

Nicole Staley is a senior
engineering major from Hudson,
Florida. She is the attacking
center mid on the Nova
Southeastern University soccer

What made you choose NSU?

When I was choosing schools, I was looking for a combination of I wanted to stay in Florida, obviously I wanted an engineering program and I wanted to play soccer. So, I was just looking for a school that fit all those criteria, and I narrowed it down to here.

How and why did you get into soccer?

I’ve been playing ever since I was four years old. Just kind of a family thing, my older sister played as well and since I started, I’ve always loved it so I stuck with it. Other than soccer, is there any sport that you wanted to play? That’s a hard question. I’ve just always played soccer and loved it so much, but I liked basketball. I played in middle school, but I wasn’t that great at it.

What has been your favorite moment this season?

My favorite moment would probably be the first goal that I scored this season. I came back from an injury from last season, so I’ve been out for about eight months now. It was a quick turn around after I had surgery and just to be able to get back into the game and score so quickly was just a great feeling all around.

How long have you been playing your position?

I’ve played center mid most of my life, but focusing specifically on attacking center mid. That was new once I got to college. Before that, I kind of just played center mid in general. Center mid is charged with trying to connect the defense and the offense, so our defenders and forwarders. We’re in charge of controlling the game, where we need to check back and get the ball from defenders and try and make those passes forward and just connect the team all around.

How have you managed to balance sports and academics?

It’s difficult, but I have to use an agenda and map out my days because I’m busy constantly adding in also a job and Razor’s Edge. So, it’s difficult, but without my planner, I’d be all over the place.

What advice would you give to other student athletes?

Be proactive. If you just kind of go about your day without planning ahead of time, [it will] be difficult because a lot of what goes into being a student athlete is behind the scenes, like dealing with anything that’s bothering you physically or treatments or extra work.


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