“We’re Almost Home” by KONGOS

The photograph at left is a drawing of KONGOS’ logo

If you have ever seen the “Motorcycle Skydiving” Ram Trucks commercial or the trailers for video games “Payday 2” and “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel,” then you have heard the very catchy song “Come With Me Now” by KONGOS, a South-African-American alternative rock band based in Phoenix, Arizona consisting of four brothers with the surname Kongos. Although “Come With Me Now” is probably their most well known song, it’s only a gateway to the musical world that is KONGOS. “Come With Me Now” was released in 2012 as a single off the band’s second album “Lunatic,” but it was not until 2014 that the song began to receive recognition. Then in 2016, KONGOS received even more praise with “Take It From Me” off their album “Egomaniac.” The band then spent the following three years touring and began their own podcast “The Front Lounge” in 2017. They also announced an upcoming tour documentary titled “Bus Call” in 2018 and released their fourth album “1929” in January. Since then, the band had been a bit silent, but we finally know why. On Sept. 6, KONGOS released a single off their upcoming album, “1929, Pt. 2.” “We’re Almost Here” is “a hypnotic and emotionally stirring look at the dualistic mode that we typically live in, and the possibility of transcending it,” said the band on social media when releasing the song. It talks about love, getting through hardships and lifting others up when they’re feeling down. It gives off a kind of circusy vibe and really hits the soul. It’s definitely a song that reminds you that things will be okay even when it seems they won’t. “1929, Pt. 2” will be released Oct. 1 and will be the second release from the “1929” three-part album series. Guitarist and vocalist Danny Kongos told Music in Minnesota that, as the album title suggests, the series references the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. The band will release weekly singles from the upcoming 10-track album throughout September. Danny stated that the three-part album will have a theme of “bubble bursting [and] finally [getting] to access a bit of reality,” which is why we see bubbles on the covers of the albums. Keep an eye out for the new songs, and check out “We’re Almost Here.” It’s a catchy tune that’s great for any occasion.

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