College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences hosts Student Conference

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Center for the Humanities are looking for students to submit papers and panel proposals for the upcoming Crossroads Humanities Student Conference being held on March 28, 2020. Students will have the opportunity to share their work with their peers and the faculty. 

According to Dr. Andrea Shaw Nevins, the interim chair for the Department of Family Therapy, the assistant dean for Academic Affairs and the director of the Center for the Humanities, “Humanities are the studies of human artifacts, books, music, art, history, [and] religion, just looking at the things that we as humans create and studying them to make meaning of them.”

The Crossroads Humanities Student Conference was created to allow students to present their research in humanities as well as to interact with other students doing similar research. The event will also feature a workshop meant to prepare students for job interviews in the humanities fields.

“If you are participating, you get to share your research and hear from other students. You are able to network and sometimes in humanities because the majors are not nearly as gigantic as some other majors, it may not be clear to students who their community is,” said Nevins.

General admission to the Crossroads Humanities Student Conference is $25, $10 for high school students and free for NSU students. Registration must be completed by Feb. 21, 2020 through a link available on the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences website.

Students interested in presenting may submit an abstract for their research paper or a presentation to Nevins ( by Dec. 31, 2019. The Conference is looking to feature student research in any fields in the humanities. More information about the Crossroads Humanities Student Conference can be found at

Photo: P. Feghali

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