Juan Pablo Correa Memorial Scholarship

Juan Pablo Correa was a former NSU international student who tragically lost his life after being hit by a car. During his time at NSU, he became much more than just your ordinary student; he was truly involved on campus, going so far as to become the President of the International Student Organization. Giancarlo Onorati, graduate assistant in the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement, spoke of the role that Correa played in his time at NSU: “He was a tremendous leader, and really tried to bring a voice to international students on campus, and just everything he did on campus. Being an international student, he tried to give back any way he could. He’s someone that the school wanted to commemorate.”


The application is live for a select group of students. Onorati states, ”The Juan Pablo Correa Scholarship is open to any international undergraduate students, so as long as you are a student who is here that does not have citizenship and are using a visa, and you are an undergraduate student who is returning the following year.” The application is based on involvement: applicants want to show their leadership and involvement on campus. “We do ask that you have some leadership experience, that you give back and get involved on campus,” said Onorati. With no GPA requirement, any interested international undergraduate applicants that meet the criteria are eligible to apply. 


Undergraduate international students are encouraged to apply for a number of reasons. The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship for the following academic year. In addition to the scholarship, the winner will be recognized at the STUEY’s, otherwise known as the Student Lifetime Achievement Awards, on April 14, 2020. The Correa family always attends the ceremony to present the award and to meet the student and their family. In regards to deadlines, “The application closes Jan. 13, 2020 at 5 p.m. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any late applications, and that’s really no questions asked, nothing we can do. If your application comes in at 5:01, it won’t be reviewed,” said Onorati. 


The scholarship can be found on SharkHub and applicants should be prepared to answer a couple of short questions to allow judges to get to know them better —  for example, the application asks applicants about their efforts to preserve and foster cultural awareness on campus, as well as listing and describing involvement and leadership activities.

Photo: J. Coro

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