Your Guide to Gift Giving

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner and we all know what that means: sweater weather, lights, hot chocolate and gifts! Everyone loves receiving a good gift, but sometimes it can be a bit intimidating being the gift giver. No matter if you’re a gift-giving connoisseur or a last-minute gifter, here are three tips to help you be the best gift-giver you can be this season:

Work with a budget as soon as possible

As college students, it’s important that we are savvy with our money, especially when we are shopping for presents. So, to get your gift budget going, make a list of persons to whom you’ll be gifting to, even as early as November. Soon after, decide the highest amount of cash you believe you can comfortably spend. Once you’ve gotten a good idea of what your total will look like, begin to monitor prices and adjust your budget accordingly. Remember that by doing this, you get to put your holiday spending into perspective.


Don’t be afraid to be a little sentimental

Recognize that to give a good gift means to understand the persons to whom you will be gifting to. Often times this means being a little sentimental or thoughtful. You can start by observing your loved ones’ hobbies, interests, personalities and even the period they are in in their lives. For example, consider if they are a college freshman or a recently retired grandparent. Once you’ve observed these things, piece together all that you’ve noticed and finalize your gift ideas. They could be as simple as new art supplies for the artist in your life or headphones for a music enthusiast you know. Essentially, understanding the person you’re gifting to can help you think of gift ideas that’ll be just right.


Bear in mind taste or sense of style

After creating your budget and thinking sentimentally as you brainstorm gift ideas, it is imperative that you consider gift recipients’ taste and sense of style. Though this may seem unimportant, this tip could, in fact, make or break a gift-giving experience. It’s simply about choosing the right gifts with the right looks and feels. Do this by being intentional about the overall aesthetics of your gifts as you note color schemes, designs, finishes, patterns, etc. Also, consider whether gifts should be neutrally toned, bright in color, all about pink, in full black, etc. Understanding this will not only serve as a guide while you search for presents but will also come across as meaningful.

Certainly, the holidays are not all about the presents, but they sure are one of the best parts. As winter slowly approaches, I wish you all the best with these tips as you brainstorm gift ideas for your loved ones. Happy gift-giving.

Photo: B. White

Written: Jonelle Bolton

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