Selena Gomez’s comeback

In October, Selena Gomez released two singles from her new upcoming album. It took Gomez four years to come out with new music, but I’m not sure if I like her new songs. She released the first single on Oct. 23 and it’s called “Lose You to Love Me.” The second song, “Look at Her Now” was released the day after and is the more popular of the two. According to Billboard, her new album is going to be a “meditation of self-growth.” Her first song was about finding power, but the second was about owning your power. These two songs sound like they were made for each other, and in a way, they were.


The message relayed in “Lose You to Love Me” is a great one, but the beat of the song is a little depressing. The song is about letting go of something or someone and learning to love yourself. The co-writers of this song say that “Lose You to Love Me” is about Gomez showing the world how strong she really is. She wrote this song with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, and apparently, the three of them wrote the song on Valentine’s Day; they spent that day talking about how their lives were going and ended up writing a song about love. This song is mostly about how Gomez finally realized how one-sided her relationship with Justin Bieber was. It was also about how she finally let go of him and moved on, hence the name “Lose You to Love Me.”


“Look at Her Now” is an empowering song that gives you a window into Gomez’s life. This song is a lot better than the first single released this year. I like the fact that it’s much more upbeat than “Lose You to Love Me,” which makes sense since the song is incredibly empowering. It’s about losing a love and knowing that you’ll power through, find a better love and own the power that you have. Lots of people believe that “Look at Her Now” is about how Gomez felt after her breakup with Justin Bieber. Honestly, after listening to both of her newly released singles, I think that both songs were about her relationship with Bieber.


These two new singles are completely different: “Lose You to Love Me” has a great message about letting go of something toxic — although the beat is incredibly dreary — while “Look at Her Now” made me feel stronger and more empowered after listening to it because of the strong message and upbeat tempo.

Photo: A. Delano

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