Crying Is Actually Good For You

Being a college student and always being super busy and on the run, sometimes it seems impossible to give yourself a moment to breathe and relax.  When this happens, most of us fill up with emotion and just want to let out a good cry but sometimes we hold it back because we think it is not okay to cry. Truth is, it is actually great for your health to cry every once in a while and I have studies that prove it. 

According to Medical News Today, crying has a soothing effect on the human body and allows us to reduce our distress, regulate our emotions, and calm ourselves down. If you bottle up your tears and never let them out, your body is going to continue building up distress which is going to make your body shut down and not want to perform any regular day activities. Once the body shuts down we are more prone to illnesses such as the flu, depression, anxiety, etc.

Another good reason for crying is because it helps in regulating your sleep schedule. Most people have claimed that the best sleep they have ever had came from a long night of crying. This is probably caused by the release of distress that your body feels after you cry. This is actually one of the reasons that babies cry at night. They are used to feeling calm and relaxed after they cry so they want to feel that way for bedtime.

One of the shocking benefits of crying is that it actually benefits your eyesight. If your eyes are dried out it typically causes blurry vision and tends to be very uncomfortable to focus. The basal tears that we let out while we cry, lubricates the eye and allows us to see clearer and more comfortably without straining our eyes. It also allows us to fight off bacteria in our eye because our tears contain a fluid that is called lysozyme which helps us fight off bioterror agents such as anthrax. 

So if you ever feel sad or stressed but you do not want to cry because you feel that it is pointless, think again because you are actually helping yourself out more by crying then by letting it build up inside of you.  Many people will try to hold back their tears because they believe that it is a sign of weakness but at the end of the day it is part of being a human and there is a lot more to it than you think. So maybe it is a good idea to start watching more movies that let you cry a little bit so we can all thank ourselves for making it through another day!

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