Editor’s Note


Hello, to our fellow new and returning Sharks!

We’re so excited and honored to journey through this new school year with you as the Co-Editor-in-Chiefs of The Current, your student-run newspaper.

In fact, as we were preparing this issue you hold in your hands, it dawned on us that the tides are changing. Yes, we know that we’re only ten minutes away from the beach, but we’re really referring to the atmosphere at NSU.

As you read through these pages, you’ll notice that the faculty and staff have been hard at work making adjustments to improve your experience here. Among those changes include the relocation of the bookstore, creation of the GBSA lounge and the Weeks of Welcome that will have you saying WOW at every single event!

We’ve been making some modifications at The Current, too. We’ve built onto the foundation that past Editor-in-Chiefs, like Grace Ducanis and Jacqueline Lytle, have created by updating the layout and the way in which we approach stories.

We did keep some things the same though, like the fact that we still want to hear from you! Join our meetings on Tuesdays at noon in room 105 in the Student Affairs building or email your letters to the editor to nsunews@nova.edu.

Our desire to serve you, the NSU student population, continues, and we relish the opportunity of being your news source.

Thank you for riding the waves with us.

With wishes for an awesome semester,

Michaela and Jenna