Survey shows milkshake machine best food on campus


NSU students voted the milkshake machine, F’real the best place to eat on campus, according to a survey taken at the beginning of November.

The machine was installed at the beginning of the fall semester and has seen steadily increasing revenue from students once they realized the machine isn’t Chartwells-run. The election of F’real put an end to the reign of the water fountain, which had won the title for three years in a row.

“I was glad that the fountain finally had good competition because I was getting so tired of voting for it,” said Anton Jacobs, senior chemistry major. “I heard it was a pretty close race though.”

Jacobs said that he felt F’real won the vote because it provides students with a quality alternative to the regular dining options without having to sacrifice the necessary calories they need, like they do at the water fountain.

“When we got the machine earlier this year, all my friends were pretty surprised,” said Sheila Roberts, sophomore biology major, “There has been a lot of talk that the food options on campus were going to improve, but we never expected such sophisticated cuisine.”

Many students also enjoy the machine because they are able to get their milkshakes within a reasonable time frame.

“My mom always said if you want something done, you’re probably gonna have to do it yourself. The milkshake machine is self-serving, so I’m at least able to get something in the 15 minutes I have between classes,” said Jacobs.

F’real isn’t praised by everyone, however. NSU nutritionist Aletha Sanchez said she has concerns about whether Sharks are putting their health at risk by immersing themselves in the milkshake mania.

“I understand why the students love the milkshakes,” said Sanchez, “But the truth is that they are consuming them at an alarming rate.”

Sanchez estimates that the average student drinks one to two milkshakes a day, often in replacement of a meal.

“Taking the step from living off water is a good start, but there is an entire nutritional pyramid that students aren’t engaging with,” said Sanchez.

Nonetheless, the machine seems to be on campus to stay. Roberts said she hopes that more machines will be put around campus so she doesn’t have to travel to the UC to get her milkshake fix.

Jacobs said he hopes the win for F’real will inspire other food providers to bring alternative dining options to campus.

He said, “Right now the water fountain and F’real are getting all the glory, man. I just want to see some more competition.”

The same survey also showed that many students requested an automatic mac and cheese bar, but there has been no word from NSU officials on if, and when, that will occur.

Photo credit: Danielle Pucillo

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Jenna Kopec is a junior communication major at NSU. She began as a contributing writer for The Current in 2015, became features editor in 2016 and is now co-editor-in-chief.