The Dreaded “Freshman 15” Inevitable or Avoidable

It is known that attending college expands ones mind, however, for a few it’s also a time of expanding ones stomach. This is known as the Freshman 15. There are ways to avoid gaining the infamous Freshman 15 as well as ways of rapidly gaining the Freshman 15, and there are also ways to get rid of the Freshman 15. It’s important to know the most dangerous factors contributing to weight gain and what to do to avoid them.

How to Avoid the Dreaded Freshman 15

For many college students when it comes to food, convenience is king. Instead of exploring the different options of a balanced diet it is often fast food, rather than a healthy salad, that attracts the average student. The importance of nutrition is often encouraged among students because a healthy diet is crucial when it comes to studying, and test taking. Taking that dreaded final or preparing for a big presentation may become easier with the help of a balanced diet.