Tech alternatives to texting while driving

Texting while driving has become such a problem that it has brought about new legislation in various states. Many accidents are caused by someone attempting to “multitask.” I think I speak for the majority when I ask everyone to just put down their phone for a bit and focus on driving. But, just in case you can’t heed my advice due to your emotional connection to that iPhone, here are a few alternatives:

More talking, less texting

My first negative experience with texting came when I called an acquaintance, left her a message to call me back and she sent a text saying, “What’s up?” I called her again and there was no answer. But she answered with another text message that quickly popped up and repeated, “What’s up?” I text her back and said, “I want you to call me.” Needless to say, a few months later, I realized that this friendship wasn’t going anywhere because this individual chose texting to show me exactly how she felt about our relationship.