Brett Favre’s actions don’t surprise me

After looking past the fictitious media-created image of a football superstar, the name Brett Favre brings to mind words like lazy, cheater and pitiful.

Brett Favre is not the perfect country boy that every-one thinks he is. On Oct. 7, his “little” two-year secret became a nationwide discussion. While being a member of the fraternity-run New York Jets organization, Favre sent inappropriate picture messages of his genitals, and left racy voicemails for team employee and former Playboy model, Jenn Sterger. The Web site,, broke the story and posted a detailed video of the ordeal.

Those who are shocked by Favre’s actions may want to consider looking into who the real Brett Favre is. Before ogling over his stats, look at the news stories he’s created.

Favre played 18 seasons with the forever-grateful Green Bay Packers before faking a few retirements. In each of these cases his “return” to his team would be around the time that the practices started to dwindle and players started to prepare for the regular season. Once the Packers told him that they had moved on (following a return from one of his retirements) Favre demanded a trade.

And he got one — to the New York Jets. With much hype and expectation in New York, the Jets had a chance to clinch a wild card spot if they could defeat division rival the Miami Dolphins in the final game of the season. However, the Jets ended up losing the game and Favre experienced a terrible game performance to go along with a shoulder injury. More importantly, Favre just looked like he was too old for the game.

That offseason he decided that this time he was really going to retire. In a tear-jerking news conference, Favre told New York media that he was out of the game for good. This time the 39-year-old quarterback seemed sincere. His facial expressions and body language showed that he was just run down. And for a moment, in the small corner of gullible hearts, people felt sorry for him.

That was until the following offseason, when Favre signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings. The actions sent shock waves through the sporting community. Favre, the hero in Green Bay, had come back to play for ex-division rival Minnesota Vikings, in what seemed to be a method of cold-hearted revenge. Without causing shock, Favre returned right before week one of the regular season.

Favre became infatuated with the Vikings. He reached a new euphoric high. He made it very clear that he loved his Minnesota Vikings when he made a public statement after a game saying, “I think physically and from a talent level, this is the best team I’ve ever been on.”  Favre may have given his current teammates much pride, but at the same time he hurt past teammates, the 1996-1997 Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.

However, in the end, Favre got what was coming to him.  In the NFC championship game, he and his beloved Minnesota Vikings, lost to the eventual Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints. While many will remember the game winning kick by Garrett Hartley, few will remember the monumental interception thrown by Favre on what could have been a game-winning drive. For those who don’t remember, the Vikings were driving down the field and were on New Orleans’ 38-yard line with a little less than 19 seconds left in the game. Following a penalty against the Saints, Favre threw a telegraphed pass that was intercepted by Tracy Porter. The Saints went on to win the game and, eventually, the Super Bowl.

At the end of the day, look at who Brett Favre really is. He is without a doubt a great quarterback in the NFL, but what other positive comments can you make about him? The man is unfaithful and is looking for the easy way out. If one thing is clear, Brett Favre has become an extremely selfish man. But just like last year’s NFC championship game showed, Brett Favre will get what he deserves in the end.

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