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Should you buy Fable III or Call of Duty: Black Ops? Should you go to graduate school or take a year off? Maybe, you’re just wondering whether you should have a PB&J sandwich or cereal for lunch. No matter what the decision is, can help you make it.

The site doesn’t just randomly pick. After you sign up and pose a question you must rank the contributing factors for each choice. “Simon” then weighs your options and picks the best one.

What Simon said and how it works

A few weeks ago, I was wondering what movie to watch. Luckily, Simon was there to help me.

I logged onto and clicked on the big red button to begin my decision-making process. Since “What movie should I watch?” is not among the site’s dropdown choices, I wrote it in as “My own decision.” This wasn’t a very important decision, so I gave it 1 out of 3 stars (somewhat important).

There are three options available to assess your decision. “My Scores” is the most logical, fact-based of the three. “My Life Match” examines your profile on the site and makes the decision based on what would best fit your lifestyle and, finally, “My Points of View” makes the decision based on your perspectives.

Since, this decision wasn’t very important and I have very specific demands when it comes to movies, I went with “My Points of View.”

Using you can have as many options as you want, but unfortunately a few weeks ago there weren’t many interesting movies I had not seen, so I only needed to decide between “Morning Glory” and “Unstoppable.”

Since I picked “My Points of View,” the site asked me subjective questions. It was recommended I didn’t think much about the answers.

“Simon” asked me which option I thought would be best based on the information I had. I answered “Morning Glory.” Then, the site asked the same question but this time I had to base my answer on my feelings and intuition. After watching the trailers, I went with “Morning Glory,” again.

Then, it asked what the least risky option would be if everything went wrong. I knew what “Unstoppable” was about. I knew what to expect from this movie. On the other hand, “Morning Glory” could be a great movie or it could be awful. So, I went with my safe choice, “Unstoppable.”

When, the site asked me to choose what option would have the greatest reward if everything went well, I chose “Morning Glory” because if this movie was good, then it would be really good. It was J.J. Abrams, after all.

A few seconds later, based on my input, Simon recommended I watch “Morning Glory.” The site provided a report of the decision-making process and “Morning Glory” beat “Unstoppable” 75 percent of the time.

With such a clear choice, I went to the movies, more confident in my decision. So, if you’re ever unsure of what the best option is, just let Simon decide.

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