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Site of the Week: Toxel.com

Come one, come all. Artists and art enthusiasts alike — Toxel.com is the site for you. Unlike many of our usual choices for site of the week, Toxel doesn’t really offer deals, discounts, tips, or advice. It’s a site that offers you a chance to view beautiful art and design.

Site of the Week: Studystack.com

It’s been a long day and you still have three chapters to study before your exam. Just the thought of reading the material puts you to sleep. Instead of studying, you end up wasting time on Facebook since you “won’t retain the information anyway.” Does this sound familiar?

Site of the Week: PlayR.org

Video games were different when we were younger. The graphics might have been low quality compared to today’s standards, but the feeling we got every time Yoshi appeared on the screen can’t be equated to any amount of head shots we may get playing “Uncharted” today.

Site of the Week: grooveshark.com

One of the most popular music players on the Internet is Pandora. It’s a great way to discover new music. But it doesn’t do much for you when there’s that one song stuck in your head that you just have to listen to, or when you want to make your own custom playlist. Enter grooveshark.com to allow you to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, for free.