On the Scene: How will NSU’s tuition increase affect you?

NSU will raise tuition rates by five percent starting next school year. The increase will affect all students, regardless of the amount of credits they take. How will NSU’s tuition increase affect you?

“It’s aggravating. I don’t want tuition to go up. I like Nova, and raising the tuition makes it harder for others to come here to enjoy it.” Chris Waggoner, sophomore theatre major

“My parents pay for it, and they’re not happy about it.” Monica Delbuono, freshman psychology major
“I’m going to be an off-campus student through my internship so it won’t impact me.” Lauren Marshall, senior secondary education major
“I’m already in debt to this school and [the increase] going to kill my pockets. I’m not made of money.” Jarett Jackson, freshman art major
“I’m on scholarship, so it won’t affect me that much.” Erick Campbell, freshman biology major

“More of my scholarship money will be used up and I’ll have to keep my job.” 

Sajid Patel, junior biology major


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