Top five places to study on campus

Whether it’s midterms, finals or just homework, sometimes we need peace and quiet to help us focus. After being at NSU for three years, I’ve found some nifty little spots that are quiet, cozy and comfortable.

1. The 3rd floor of the library.

The library’s second floor has nice big chairs, but it also has loads of people who apparently think the library is a social gathering site on campus.

However, the third floor has fairly spacious cubicles located in a “Complete Silence” quarantine zone. If you’re lucky enough to snag one, its tables are roomy enough to allow you to open up your laptop and books simultaneously. There’s also a convenient shelf above the table, on which you can place extra books. The coup de gras? It’s isolated. Think of it as your personal mini-cave.

The downside is that there are other people who are in on the secret study haven so you might not be able to crawl into the study den. But, it’s quiet and, at most, you have a dozen people around as opposed to thirty.

2. The Mailman Hollywood 3rd floor conference rooms.

These secluded rooms come complete with large tables which enable you to spread out your notebooks, flashcards and textbooks. The enormous conference tables permit even the most cluttered of study sessions to be accomplished.

These rooms are also perfect for group study sessions. The conference tables are circular and the rooms are equipped with whiteboards or blackboards. The only catch is that there might be the occasional class in there. If so, refer to the other suggestions.

3. The DeSantis building’s 3rd  floor cubicles.

The spacious cubicles provide comfy chairs and convenient tables to organize your study materials on. The rooms also afford a semi sound proof study environment to encourage concentration. True, people tend to stare at you while they walk by as though you’re an exotic animal in a zoo, but it’s worth it.

The single negative factor is that there are only three rooms. It’s a hit or miss, but if you’re lucky enough to snag one, you’ll love it.

4. The DeSantis building’s 2nd and 3rd floor corridors.

Go up the elevator, take a sharp left and go through the double-doors. You’ll then see the study corridors that students frequent in order to catch up on headache-inducing  homework or study for those excruciating exams. The chairs are equipped with plenty of padding to ensure you’ll be relatively comfortable throughout the grueling work you’re intent on completing. There are convenient armrests attached to the chairs on which you can place textbooks, notebooks or laptops. This access enables you to work for a while, minus the hunch-back inducing pain. The wooden tables located in front of the chairs add to the suitability of the location.

The drawback? DeSantis has an open hall so you can hear the ruckus that students make as they file to and from class. But, if you are able to block out the extra noise, this place is ideal.

5. The DeSantis building’s 2nd and 3rd floor hallway couches.

Sitting snug between every other classroom is a plush couch large enough for you to put your feet up on. What makes these better than number 4 is that they are more private and, thus, less exposed to the noise that reverberates through the building.

The catch is that there aren’t always tables on which to place your study materials. You’ll have to balance your laptop and books on your lap or on the couch itself.

Let’s face it — studying is never enjoyable. Whether the material is as easy as  memorizing the ABC song or writing that 15-page term paper, it’s still an assignment you have to get done. But, at least with a convenient, relatively comfortable place to study, you’ll be able to complete the assignments faster. Then, you can get back to more enjoyable things, like balancing your checkbook.

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