No homecoming game, no bueno

I don’t know about you, but when I think of homecoming, there are several things that come to mind such as homecoming king and queen, a dance and a football game.

Well, NSU doesn’t have a football team, and that’s fine. I can live with that. For NSU’s homecoming game, a basketball or volleyball match would suffice. However, there won’t be a homecoming game at NSU this year. That’s right. No homecoming game this year. My question is simple. Why?

It’s no secret the fan support for NSU athletics isn’t at the level it should be, but the one game guaranteed to draw a large crowd isn’t even going to happen. Did you know the largest crowd for an athletic event at NSU last year was our homecoming game? This game had an attendance of 708. The average attendance for last season’s home basketball games was 192.

For a university that already lacks school spirit, this is definitely not going to help things. Why would you schedule homecoming week when there were no athletic events happening at NSU? Everyone looks forward to a homecoming game, even non-sports enthusiasts. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Our athletes deserve a homecoming game.

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