Did you know? Facts about February

It’s February—the month of roses, hearts and candy. People either love this month or hate it because of Feb. 14. But in February’s defense, it has some wonderful facts about it that may turn you “haters” into “lovers.” Here are some interesting facts about February:

Feb. 2 was Candlemas Day, and yes you read that correctly. Candlemas Day is an ancient festival marking the midpoint of winter. People used to say the Christmas season lasted for 40 days, until Feb. 2. Feb. 12-14 used to be “borrowed” days from January, according to ancient tradition. If these days were stormy, the year would have good weather. But if there was pleasant weather on those days, the year’s weather would not be so pleasant. So pay attention Feb. 12-14 and see if this year matches up to the tradition.

Monthly traditions also include: Ash Wednesday on Feb. 22, Kissing Friday on Feb. 24 (you’d think this celebration would be held the Friday after Valentine’s Day), and Leap Year Day. This year February has 29 days, which means it is a leap year. The purpose of a leap year is to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year.

With the leap year, come people whose actual birthday only happens once every four years. A few of those people are Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins (rapper and hip hop artist), Antonio Sabato, Jr. (male supermodel, actor and fitness author), and Sharon Dahlonega Bush (first female African-American weather anchor). Feb. 14 is also the birthday for many people you may know, like Drew Bledsoe (former NFL Quarterback), Gregory Hines (smooth tap dancer), and Florence Henderson (aka Carol Brady from “The Brady Bunch”).

February is famous for natural disasters and significant events as well. On Feb. 8, 1750, there was an earthquake that shook Great Britain. On Feb. 11, 1578, Sir Francis Drake became the first known Englishman to sail the pacific. On Feb. 20, 1896, films were shown in a cinema to a paying audience for the first time.

February is also known for the SuperBowl. This year the New York Giants played the New England Patriots and to the fans of the winning team, congratulations.

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