Shark Speak: Do you feel like you’re well-informed about what’s going on at the university?

Christopher Dallegrand

Christopher Dallegrand, sophomore legal studies major

“Yeah, but as an organization leader since I’m treasurer of [the Caribbean Student Organization], I guess the lines of communication between SGA and some of the minority organizations, or some of the other organizations, aren’t really clearly defined. But as far [as] general information, the university as a whole, pretty much, yeah. [NSU] makes it their job to make sure there’s information all over Instagram, newspapers.”

Michael Mckenzie

Michael Mckenzie, sophomore global marketing major

“I feel like I am, but at the same time, I’m not. As a commuter student, it’s like I do get the emails but it’s very hard to keep up with everything unless I’m here and I see it. So it does make it challenging to know what’s going on.”

Jillian Harb

Jillian Harb, freshman biology major

“It definitely depends on the thing that’s happening because sometimes I’ll see people going to events, and I’ll be like, ‘What was that?’ or ‘I didn’t know about that.’ So it depends on what it is. Things at the RecPlex, definitely [informed]; academic things, not so much, like speeches and visitors. Or at least the bigger ones. I think there was a Holocaust person who came to talk like a month ago and I had no idea that they were here. It definitely depends what area it’s for.”

Ashlie Green

Ashlie Green, junior marketing and biology major

“No, because I’m not involved on campus whatsoever. The social media for NSU is horrible. There’s either not enough knowledge or annoyingly too much knowledge. There’s no happy medium.”

Olivia Beyel

Olivia Beyel, junior business administration major

“Yeah, I’d say so. I mean for the most part. There’s all those fliers. I don’t really attend a lot, but I know what’s going on.”

Olivia Beyel

Marisol Mosqueira, junior biology major

“Yeah, we’re really informed, but a lot of students, I feel like we just delete the emails. And there’s fliers everywhere, and I’ll look at them but I won’t attend a lot of things.”

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