Places to ‘gill’ out: Atelier3

By Nicole Chavannes

 NSU is a unique and lively campus, but that doesn’t mean Sharks can’t band together and take an afternoon to explore the South Florida area — even if that just means finding a quaint place to study.

When you’re searching for a trendy spot to read, study, spend time with friends or even fly solo, look no further than Atelier3: Coffee Bar & Shop. Located in downtown Hollywood, Atelier3 is a larger-than-it-looks coffee shop that somehow feels simultaneously cluttered and spacious.

The outside of the building, like many of the buildings in downtown Hollywood, features a large colorful mural that juxtaposes harsh black and white stripes with soft floral pastels. Similarly, when you step inside, it feels like the perfect cross between your artistic friend’s dream flat in New York and your grandmother’s cozy living room. The décor is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. Once you walk down the hall – past the ivy-covered wall – you’ll find the counter to order food and drinks. The menu features café staples, like lattes and croissants, and some non-traditional additions, like empanadas and cortaditos.

From Monday to Thursday, Atelier3 is a quiet place to grab coffee and lounge in the ‘living room’ atmosphere the shop creates. Low, relaxing music of varying genres plays in the background and different forms of artwork cover the walls. Littered with eclectic furniture – including anything from coffee tables made of artfully arranged crates to traditional loveseats – the coffee shop has comfortable seating for any purpose.

Looking to pass the time with your friends? The large bistro tables available are ideal. If you’d prefer a more intimate setting, there are cozy chairs arranged in pairs throughout the café. The stage is a good option when you are by yourself. When not in use for entertainment, it has several armchairs perfect for reading a good book or even writing your own.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Atelier3 is open later and hosts events like open mic nights, live performances, art shows and musical improv nights. Gone are the cozy armchairs that normally inhabit the stage. Instead, you’ll find either the featured artist of the night or the patrons partaking in the open mic night.  

Whether you’re looking for a place to study that gets your creative juices flowing or you want to unwind with some local artistry and music, Atelier3 is the place to go. For more information, visit Atelier3’s Facebook page:

Atelier3: Coffee Bar & Shop

1901 Harrison Street

Hollywood, Florida

Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Price Range: $3-$12

Caption: From Monday to Thursday, Atelier3 is a quiet place to grab coffee and lounge in the ‘living room’ atmosphere the shop creates.

Credit: N. Chavannes

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