Why joining clubs is important

There are many benefits of belonging to one or more clubs. NSU is home to many clubs and organizations and each one of them has a different goal with varying focuses; some cultural, others athletic, environmentally driven or community service oriented. Being a student at NSU gives us the opportunity to join more than 100 on-campus clubs and organizations, so why wouldn’t we take advantage of it?

Strengthen your soft skills

Participating in clubs can give you many benefits, starting with soft skills, also known as people skills. According to the Huffington Post, clubs give you the opportunity to make friends and test your attitude, communication skills and even your work ethic. Additionally, as a club member you will generally reach out to people that you don’t know to announce activities and recruit new members.

Meet new people

Another benefit is the opportunity to engage with people from different age groups, majors and ethnicities. Celina Mahabir, public relations chair for Rotaract and vice president for Nova International Relations Association, said that getting to know other people’s backgrounds will help you gain knowledge in different cultures and traditions, and even places you didn’t know about.

“Joining clubs is important because it teaches you to look at the people around you as companions rather than competition,” said Mahabir. “Regardless of their position, you have to see them as equals within your organization and respect them.”

Find a fresh outlet

Many people have strong passions, be it dancing, learning about different cultures, Model UN or community service. With all the organizations and clubs on campus at NSU it is easy to find one that is perfect for you. Aside from studying, you can find an outlet through a club and get to have fun doing what you love with people who share that passion. So, even though studying is the main reason why we are here, breaking from it is also very beneficial. Taking a break every once in a while gives your body and your brain some time to relax. Clubs tend to have many activities and meetings which could be one of the best ways to take a break; hanging out with likeminded people and even learning from them.

NSU’s Latin American Student Association president, Oriana Lopez, believes that joining clubs is the best way for students to get involved on campus.

“It allows you to do fun activities on campus that [match] your interests,” said Lopez. “And it’s a great way of making new friends and connections through your college experience.”

Build connections

Making connections is a by product of working on a team in clubs, which is a useful skill in any career. Being part of a club gives you the opportunity to actually be part of a team. As a member, you will learn how to take and give advice and even help out others with their own situations.

With all of the benefits of joining clubs, why wouldn’t you join one? Visit Orgsync or attend any SeaThursday event to find the perfect club for you. After all, what do you have to lose when the worst that could happen would be gaining valuable experience and knowledge?

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