Athlete of the Week: Jordan Lentz

Jordan Lentz is a senior exercise and sports science major. She’s played on the women’s soccer team since 2014.

When did you start playing soccer?

“I didn’t start playing soccer until I was 11. I grew up playing basketball and I accompanied my friend to a [soccer] tryout and they threw me in goal because they didn’t have a keeper. Ever since then, I’ve loved it and played it.”

What made you start playing soccer?

“I thought to myself ‘okay I’m really good at this sport, I might as well run with it.’ For a long time I played both [soccer and basketball] and when I got to high school, I chose to focus just on soccer because I found I was having better opportunities for travel and I was getting more looks from scouts.”

Favorite memory of being on the team?

“This year, we did the best in NSU women’s soccer history and we were first in the conference and we are going to receive rings. That has been my favorite memory of soccer all together; it’s a huge accomplishment. We were seventh in the conference my freshman year and I’m glad I could see [our team] go from seventh to first while I’ve been here. I’m glad I could see that unravel before me.”

Favorite thing to do after a match?

“Eat. I’m always starving [after a game]. It’s a four or five-hour period that I haven’t eaten so I like to go out and get food. This season, a lot of the time, my family and I went to Ale House after a game. I’m a spicy-food person so that’s my go-to.”

What are you planning to do after your bachelor’s at NSU?

“Hopefully staying at NSU. I’m in the process of sending in my video interview to the occupational therapy program and I won’t hear back till March. I’m waiting on two other schools as well and I know I will definitely get in somewhere and I’m hoping it will be here.”

What would you be doing if you didn’t play soccer?

“First off, I wouldn’t be here. No offense to NSU but, [without a scholarship] tuition could be expensive and I’m so glad that I do play soccer. If I wasn’t playing soccer, I’d probably be at a big university and also playing sports like clubs or teams. I still would be participating in sports of some kind because I can’t not; I’ve done it so long.”

What are your other hobbies?

“I love binge-watching Netflix. I like going on adventures and finding new parks or new places to hike, new antique stores like anything people don’t usually do every day. I like to read and write and also research a lot. I’m an exercise science major so I do a lot of researching in the field. I want to become an occupational therapist so I do some research in that just so I have a better base of knowledge.”

What is your favorite thing about NSU?

“The family aspect of NSU — I can walk around [the athletic building] and everyone says ‘hi’ to you and is willing to help you out. The community — there’s a beach close to campus, we have the best library in the area and I love to read so that’s a plus … there’s downtown, there’s concerts all the time. At NSU, I feel like everybody fits in their own niche and that’s important to me.”

What is the key to success?

“Putting everything in my calendar. Thank God for technology because if I didn’t put assignment due dates or meeting times in my calendar then I would forget something. People forget to do things and in life … you’re not able to forget anything so being organized is definitely the key to success.”

How has being a student athlete prepared you for the future?

“The first thing I learned was time commitment. I learned quickly that school was more important than soccer. I learned about time-management and motivation. Teamwork helps a lot and it’s important to me. If I get into a practice in the future and I can’t get along [with my coworkers] then I won’t be successful. Being a student-athlete definitely helped me with that.”

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