Throw a Harry Potter themed party

As the first semester starts to get into full swing and stress creeps in to every available space, it becomes the perfect time to let your worries go for a day and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter! These few simple tips just cover an inch of the wand for the possibilities of how to throw your party!

Make house themed invitations

To get everybody in the mood I suggest handing out invites with the four different houses on them. If you know your friends really well you can sort them into the house you think  they belong to. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw all have different traits and it should be easy to sort people in them, but if you are having trouble I suggest putting Gryffindor on the invite since that is the house Harry Potter himself got sorted into! The invites should be short and sweet and the colors should go with the house so it ties it all together.

Decorate like you’re at Hogwarts

Hogwarts is a gorgeous building inside and out, so try not to get discouraged when it comes to decorating! Decorating can be as simple as hanging streamers and balloons of the different house colors! The Gryffindor colors consist of red and gold. The Ravenclaw colors consist of blue and bronze. The Slytherin colors consist of green and silver. Lastly, the Hufflepuff colors consist of yellow and black. If you want to take your decorating to the next level, I suggest making or even buying the house banners. A poster board will work or if you want to be extra like Hogwarts you can look up the house banners online and purchase them that way. You can even take your decorating to an extreme level and include all the above while adding look alike props from the movies! These could include potion bottles, spell books, wands, brooms, and even Mandrakes (the screaming plants from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

Spellbound your guests with the perfect snacks

The snacks portion, I think, is where you can get even more creative than the decorating portion! Snacks are what makes a party and the food in Harry Potter is something that makes you salivate everytime you watch the films. You can incorporate Potter themed snacks such as cookies that resemble the sorting hat, chocolate covered pretzel sticks to resemble the wands, and even cake pops that resemble the Golden Snitch! If you wanted to copy the feast scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and outdo everybody you can do that as well! These food items could include corn on the cob, chicken wings, turkey, a fruit bowl, and mashed potatoes!

Dress like Snape is grading your outfit

What is a Harry Potter party without dressing up in your Hogwarts uniform! If you don’t have the full get up no need to worry, you just need these few simple items! Start off with a grey sweater with your houses, or any houses, tie colors, black pants or a skirt, and put a black robe on top of that ensemble. If you chose to go with the skirt I suggest pairing it with either black tights or knee high grey socks with black shoes. If you want to go an extra mile I suggest having a wand or broom in one hand! You can do so much with dressing up and even if you do the bare minimum your outfit is going to look amazing!

Have fun on this glorious day Potterheads. 20 years of Harry Potter is a huge accomplishment and I wish you all a Harry Potter filled day!

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