Spring break on a budget

Traveling over spring break on a college budget can be stressful, but for NSU students, the prime location of NSU’s vibrant campus means spring break doesn’t have to break the bank. Follow these few tips to ensure a spring break to remember.

Staying Local

Lucky for us, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are among the most sought-after spring break destinations in the US. Each year thousands of college students, families and people escaping cold weather flock to South Florida to indulge in the abundant sunshine and sandy beaches. For NSU students, joining in the fun is as easy as a half hour drive to the beach where they can attend music and art festivals, spend a day laying in the sun or enjoy the energetic downtown nightlife. Rather than spending money on plane tickets, sticking around saves money on travel and allows students to splurge a bit more and make their break unforgettable.

Get to Know Florida

While South Florida deserves the hype it receives, spring break can also be a great time to discover lesser-known areas of Florida. Especially for out-of-state and international students, planning a road trip around Florida can be a wonderful way to experience new places. From airboat rides in the Everglades to prime shelling on Sanibel Island, Florida has something to offer everyone. So, pack your bags, choose your destinations, put on a jamming playlist and take a break from school while exploring the beauty around you. Gas isn’t cheap, but driving is definitely more cost-effective than flying, especially with friends along for the ride. Splitting the cost of gas can make the amount each person pays even more affordable.

Break Destination

If you decide to forgo the crowds of spring breakers in South Florida, there are thousands of other possibilities of places to go. Whether you want to have an education trip to Washington D.C. or a relaxing experience in the Bahamas, a few tips ring true regardless of where you decide to go:

Book early

Booking your flights early is essential to making sure you make the most of your money. Especially in March when the majority of schools take their spring break, airfare increases dramatically due to high demand. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will find a good deal on tickets. Some sites including StudnetUniverse and JustFly.com can help students get the best deals and discounts by comparing airfares from various airlines to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Check with the airline you are flying too, as many may also offer lower prices for student travelers. Similarly, when deciding where to stay, consider Air Bnb to book low-cost accommodations that will fit your budget.

Know what to pack

Make sure to pack everything you may need while you are away. From sunscreen and sandals to hats and extra cash, planning ahead of time minimizes the need to buy items you forgot at home. Especially in popular break destinations, vendors hike up prices significantly to capitalize on forgetful tourists.

Eat in

Food is another cost you should take into account when traveling. While trying new restaurants is part of the fun of travel, to save money, consider buying groceries instead of eating out for every meal. This is not only financially responsible but also frees up time for you to do more with your day.

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