How-to: Dress for Interviews

First impressions mean everything in the competitive world of employment. Wearing the right outfit can be the difference between a stand out interview and being just another face. The way you carry yourself and how professionally you present yourself could make or break your chances on being hired. With opportunities for summer internships and jobs around the corner, follow these few tips to ensure you put your best foot — and face — forward.

Men should generally wear a suit because it is the most professional option. Dressing up is almost always a safer option than dressing down. It is unusual that dressing down is appropriate for interviews. Wearing a matching jacket, dress pants and dress shirt are important aspects to consider when deciding what suit to wear.

Similarly, women should wear a suit with a skirt or pants. Airing on the side of conservatism is recommended  to look professional. Shoes should also be conservative. Low heels are the best for professional interviews. Do not wear shoes with an open toe or back. If you chose to wear a skirt, wear pantyhose that are neutral and match your skin tone.

It is also important to make sure the clothes you wear are  wrinkle and stain free. Making a clean and organized appearance shows that you take the position or job you are applying for seriously. Wearing clothes that fit is also a part of looking professional. Wearing something too baggy or too tight may flag you as someone who doesn’t like to put time or effort into doing something correctly.

Color is also an important aspect to consider. Wearing dark or neutral tones is recommended for interviews because looking too flashy or colorful is not professional. Wearing bright colors or flashy, distracting patterns can make employers question your professionalism.

Makeup and jewelry should also be minimal. Enhancing natural features is fine, but everything should be conservative as to not make a shocking impact on potential employers. When choosing hair styles, chose to do something neat and conservatively styled.

When getting ready for an interview, the idea is to look as polished and professional as possible. Wear simple and neutral things, not too many accessories.

Getting a job is something everyone has to worry about at one point or another. I’s important to know what to wear and how to present yourself in order to have the best chances at professional success.

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