Shark Speak: As the semester begins wrapping up, what do you do to not let stress get in the way of your academic and personal life?

“I always try to study as much as I can, but whenever the stress does come, I always take a break and do whatever I can to make sure that I feel relaxed.” Tanha Rahman sophomore, business and biology major.








“I tend not to [be stressed] too often. I usually hang out with friends—friends are a big part of not being stressed [for me]. I try to have breathing room by getting my work done on time and I especially try to get my work done ahead of time.” Erik Yang, freshman biology major.








“Well I’m transferring, so I don’t have much stress right now. I’m going to a new school so I’m just trying to finish strong, pack up my things, and get prepared to fly home.” Noah Mazzeo, senior communication major.








“To be honest, I box a lot and I go to the gym. I pretty much take all my stress out at the gym so that way I have at least one hour where I’m not focusing on anything else.” Jefferson Cristovao, junior management major.








“Sometimes I just push through and know that I need to get things done—I suck it up. I also like to go to the gym, hang out with my friends, and cry.” Jayani Seegulam, sophomore, biology and behavioral neuroscience major.

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