Career Corner: Tips to calm your interviewing fears

Madison Owens is a career advisor at NSU’s Office of Career Development. Owens studied Business Administration as an undergraduate student and is currently in the College of Student Affairs M.S. program here at NSU. Owens has a background in Academic Advising and is passionate about helping students cross their finish line.

Picture this — it’s Sunday evening and you have a job interview on Monday at 3 p.m. As you sit on the couch, you start to think about the thousands of questions they could ask you tomorrow. Questions like what type of cereal are you? Or the hardest one in the book: can you tell me about yourself? As you ponder the multiple different questions, you start to notice changes in your body. You feel an uneasy rumbling in the pit of your stomach, your hands get sweaty, your legs begin to go weak and you are just about to break a sweat. This is a normal feeling to have, and you are not alone. Many people feel this way too.

There are many ways to ease some of your nerves by prepping before your interview. The first step is to visit the Office of Career Development. Here, career advisors can do a plethora of things to help calm your nerves, like review and make suggestions on your resume. The advisor can also help you start and revise your cover letter or even do a mock interview with you. A career advisor will ask you field-specific questions and give you feedback on all aspects of the interview.

The next tip is to visit Razor’s Career Closet. To visit Razor’s Career Closet, you must have met with a career advisor once before. After at least one appointment, you can then schedule a Razor’s Career Closet appointment on Handshake. Razor’s Career Closet is a free resource that allows you to come, pick out a professional outfit and keep it! Razor’s Career Closet is filled with professional clothes including pants, skirts, dresses, dress shirts, blouses, jackets and shoes. Razor’s Career Closet also has many accessories such as ties, handbags, and belts. You can make your appointment for Razor’s Career closet Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

After you have prepared yourself for the interview with a career advisor and found the perfect outfit from Razor’s Career Closet, it’s time to get in front of other professionals. How do you get ready to be in front of professionals? Mock Interview Night, of course.

Mock Interview Night is an amazing opportunity to get in front of different human relations executives in a variety of industries. At the event, there will be human relations executives from companies like American Express, Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits, and more! To be involved in this event, you must RSVP on Handshake or email Emilio Lorenzo at Once you respond to the event or send an email to Emilio, you will need to send him your resume. Mock Interview Night will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 13 in the Carl DeSantis Building Atrium from 5 – 8:30 p.m. 

I hope to see you there!

Written: Madison Owens


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