5 promising indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020

The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and since then, many fans have enjoyed playing the hundreds of games available on the console. However, the price tag on mainstream Nintendo Switch games are pretty high — a whopping $60. Therefore, people are often on the hunt for cheaper, lesser-known games that may be just as good. They can be hard to find, as games by more popular developers have the resources to promote their games, while indie developers often have to rely on the whims of social media and word of mouth. However, just because they aren’t advertised as much, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as good at the latest big-name Nintendo games. Check out these five promising games from indie developers coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.


“Later Alligator” by Pillow Fight Studio & SmallBü Animations

Nintendo Switch release date: 2020, specific date TBD


In 2019, SmallBü Animations created “Later Alligator,” the story of Pat, an alligator who lives in Alligator New York City. Pat is caught up in a huge conspiracy theory, and it is up to the player to help save Pat before time runs out. The game plays as a point-and-click mystery, while also giving the player access to minigames that enhance the storyline. While the game was released in 2019 on PC, SmallBü Animations announced the game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. I’ll admit, I have been personally following this game even before its release and am anxiously awaiting to pick it up.


“Eclipse: Edge of Light” by White Elk LLC

Nintendo Switch release date: Jan. 30, 2020


“Eclipse: Edge of Light” truly encompasses almost all platforms. It is a virtual reality game that is available on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and even mobile phones. It is a first-person exploration game that sends the player to a mysterious planet with a murky past. While on the planet, the player discovers an artifact that allows them to control elements of the planet and collect information on its history. The in-game world is a dreamy yet peculiar place that drives the curiosity of the player to discover more.


“Spiritfarer” by Thunder Lotus Games

Nintendo Switch release date: 2020, specific date TBD


In “Spiritfarer,” the player plays as Stella, a ferry-master for the deceased. The player is able to build their own boat, explore the magical world in the game and befriend the spirits on board before taking them to the afterlife. The game also includes a multiplayer mode where another person is able to join you on board, playing as Stella’s cat. While the game mechanics seem relatively simple, it was the lesson of dealing with loss behind the game and the beautiful animations that garnered much excitement about “Spiritfarer” after its initial announcement.


“Röki” by Polygon Treehouse & CI Games

Nintendo Switch release date: Winter 2020


Röki” is an adventure game with a dark twist. The player plays as Tove, a girl that is on a journey to save her family and discovers strange, fantastical and horrific different creatures along the way. Game mechanics include different puzzles and third-person exploration. The storyline is also inspired by Scandinavian folklore. How cool is that?


“SkateBIRD” by Glass Bottom Games

Nintendo Switch release date: 2020, specific date TBD


“SkateBIRD” is a game that is sure to bring joy to anyone looking for a simple and fun game to play. As Glass Bottom Games puts it, “it’s a game about trying your best.” The player plays as a little bird with a skateboard who simply skateboards around. The more you skateboard, the more reputation your bird gets and the more rewards you can earn. Sit back, relax and just enjoy being a little skateboarding bird with no other cares in the world.

Photo: J. Joosten

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