Dear NSU students: Want change? Make change!

When I transferred here last year from FIU, I was disappointed to find that students here didn’t hold student involvement and student leadership in a high regard. As I began to become involved at NSU, I learned more about the university system and began to understand the uniqueness of the NSU student experience. Here are six conclusions that I have reached in my two semesters of being a Shark:

Bullying Laws: Why the government cannot and should not legislate on moral grounds

The website bullyingstatistics.com puts it succinctly by noting that “Because of the wide-spread amount of bullying, it is more important than ever for parents and teachers to check in with children about bullying.” Just as the government’s role is to protect us, the role of the parents is to protect and raise their children. This is not the government’s role, not the Internet’s role, not the television’s role, not reality television’s role—but parents’.

The war on artificial drugs

The Marines and other branches of military made Spice illegal last year. The DEA is trying to control the market and is making emergency procedures to make it illegal. For good reason, in the few studies that have been concluded, one thing has been made clear — the use of this product is unhealthy.