MonthJanuary 2012

His dream lives on

t’s great to have a three-day weekend in January, but let’s never forget why we have it. Let’s never forget to honor the man who was born on January 15, 1929 and dedicated his life to ending social injustice and making us all better people.

Tech Corner

This week, Tech Corner does the leg work for you by comparing and explaining tablets and their usefulness. Tablets made their first debut with the Microsoft Tablet PC in 2002. Touch screen tablets never really caught on until eight years later with the iPad’s unveiling. Now, taking notes, looking up information, managing your life and organizing data is all done with simple strokes of a finger. The only question that remains then is “Which tablet is the best?”

Dolphins dissected

He finished the season with a quarterback rating of 87.1, which was twelfth best in the league. Keep in mind; he accomplished this without an offseason program and training camp since he was a late signing. If Matt Moore is the starting quarterback next season, I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with it.