America’s recession: The manure clogging our economic toilet bowl

How many of you have been fired or laid off in the past two years?  The economy has been in the toilet for more than two years. The more jobs that are lost, the more drops into the economic bowl.

I applaud the president for attempting to keep hope alive. Without this fundamental piece of emotional placation, our society would collapse. But there are only so many times that you can raise the public’s hope before they feel like they’re being jerked around.

This is the worst economic catastrophe since the terrible times of the Great Depression. You think waiting for that next paycheck is stressful? Just ask Grandma what the world was like when she was our age to find out what being short on cash is truly like. When my grandparents met during the war, my grandfather used to send her pantyhose as a jester of courting. That’s right, boys and girls, receiving clothing was a guy’s way of trying to get into your pants. And we’re well on our way there again, so guys, stock up on Victoria’s Secret merchandise.

President Roosevelt, the dude who ran the country during the Great Depression, yanked America out of its economic black hole by creating hundreds of new jobs. This enabled people to earn money and recycle it back into the marketplace.

I keep hearing Obama’s following in FDR’s footsteps, but I’m not seeing the benefits. People are still out of jobs, struggling to keep their homes and struggling to feed their families. Students aren’t able to get jobs in their fields, overwhelmed by loans.

The job that I’ve had for about 18 months hasn’t given any raises to its employees. With the economy being the way it is, employers know that they can bend their workers over a barrel.

Having voted for our current president, it’s becoming increasingly harder to defend him to my Republican mother. And I’m not the only one. Many Democrats are getting kicked like an abused puppy.  We want to say Obama’s doing a great job.  But the truth is, he’s just doing his best.  And with so many people suffering, that’s simply not good enough.

As my graduation day quickly approaches, I worry if there will be a job out there for me. Unless our government finds a fiscal plunger quickly, you should be worried, too.

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